Rumor (iPlanet Exclusive): HyVee Working on Enabling Apple Pay in 2016

The grocery store, HyVee, is working on getting Apple Pay enabled in their store in 2016. According to this tweet by them (in response to an earlier tweet I made), it is believe that Apple Pay will come to the grocery store sometime this year.

HyVee is a grocery store chain set in the midwest and northern parts of America. They also have gas stations and in 2015, allowed shoppers to shop online and pick up their groceries in-store. HyVee is an employee owned store.

Now how do we know that HyVee is working on Apple Pay in 2016? Here is the tweet (and proof) of HyVee working on enabling Apple’s wireless paying system in their stores.

Photo proof:

 Screen Shot 2016-01-04 at 7.22.51 PM


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